SOFA SURFERS (aut – rock/pop/electro/trip-hop)

Entrance 7 € online, 10 € on the door – doors 21:00, onstage 22:00
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Sofa Surfers is an Austrian band that plays a mixture of rock and electronic music floating between trip hop, dub and acid jazz. They have also composed film scores.

The band put together an electric, dynamic live show with fantastic lights and projected images. This is no studio only muso’s band, this is the real deal!


Latvijā uzstāsies grupa „Sofa Surfers”

26. augustā Liepājā, brīvdabas koncertzālē „Gypsy Camp” notiks pirmais un pagaidām vienīgais austriešu grupas „Sofa Surfers” koncerts Baltijā.

„Sofa Surfers” ir viena no Austrijas aktuālākajām un aktīvākajām mūzikas apvienībām un savā daiļradē brīvi apvieno rokmūziku, dub, trip hop un acid jazz. „Sofa Surfers” pirmais albums „Transit” iznāca 1997. gadā un grupa aktīvi strādā pie jaunas mūzikas radīšanas, tajā skaitā komponējot skaņu celiņus vairākām austriešu mākslas filmām. Grupas līdz šim pēdējais veikums – albums „Scrambles, Anthems and Odysseys” tika izdots pagājušogad. Katrs grupas veikums ticis kritiķu atzinīgi novērtēts. Īpašas uzslavas „Sofa Surfers” saņēma par savu ceturto, 2006. gadā izdoto albumu, kura noskaņu vairāki mūzikas apskatnieki salīdzināja ar leģendārās trip hop grupas „Massive Attack” plati „Mezzanine”, norādot uz austriešu lieliski izkopto spēju radīt emocionālas un ekspresīvas skaņu ainavas, paverot klausītājam plašu emociju gammu.

Šīs vasaras koncerts Liepājā būs pagaidām vienīgā iespēja redzēt „Sofa Surfers” koncertējam Baltijā.

„Gypsy Camp” atrodas Liepājā, Stūrmaņu ielā 1. Ieeja no Friča Brīvzemnieka ielas. Biļetes pieejamas interneta vietnē, koncerta sākums plkst. 21:30, savukārt koncertzāle tiks atvērta apmeklētājiem no plkst. 21:00.



Sofa Surfers – Scrambles, Anthems and Odysseys (2015)
by Mikka from

The new, already the eighth, album from viennese outfit Sofa Surfers marks the beginning of a new era in the bands work. The band steps into a new world of sound, harking back to their electronic heritage and pushing away the rockish attitude of the previous three albums. But it is in no way a step back to used formulas – “Scrambles …” sees the band completely reinventing their own trademark style in a purely electronic way, using all the aesthetics the band had created before but adding more layers, some of them hinted at in the past, some completely new. All in all the twelve new tracks breathe an evoking atmosphere of arcane and mysterious soundscapes, a cloaked and outerworldish spirit with a sense of foreboding. Rich, dense and multi-layered, but also straightforward and translucent, the music of the new album is a perfect example of a band at the height of their creative power, an artistic muscle that had been trained for many years and that’s now flexing to awe-inspiring force. The comic-esque artwork by brazilian graphic artist Bruno Biazotto already gives a clear hint at the journey the band is about to undertake with their music but now let’s look at some details. With founding member Wolfgang Schlögl gone , the three remaining core members Wolfgang Frisch, Markus Kienzl and Michael Holzgruber now state Mani Obeya, their permanent vocalist since the red, self-titled album, as a fixed member and his elegant and tender but also athletic voice graces, as usual, almost all of the tracks of the album. On two tracks the fantastic Soulcat E-Phife is introduced, a new and mostly welcome addition to the viennese music-scene, born in the dominican republic and making no prisoners with her performance somewhere between Erykah Badu and Sarah Jones. “Woodys Ballad” features a very special guest and a very special and intimate performance as Mani Obeya duets with his daughter Issi Honi, lovingly uttering words between father and daughter.

For avid fans of the band, the new album with it’s fully electronic production, it’s turning away from rock and moving into more dance-able styles will maybe at first come as a surprise, but I guess it will be a pleasant one. Everything that always made up the bands unique approach to music is there, but this time it sounds a bit different. It can be quite difficult for a band to alter their approach to their own style but with “”Scrambles …” the daring feat is made in an almost perfect way. Having seen this undertaking fail at so many occasions with other bands, it only proves once again that the Sofa Surfers are a truly unique outfit, a very singular bunch that cannot be underestimated as they make the most creative use of their rich past in music and create something completely new out of it but staying true to their school as well. Chapeau!


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